Become an RMCI Inspector

Delta-bowAbout the Course
The course to qualify as an RMCI inspector has taken some two years to develop and has had input from a wide range of coating specialists from across Europe. The course is made up of four Units of study and there is be an examination at the end. The course comprises four days of study and a half  day examination. The examination is made up of three parts.
1. A multi-choice type question paper
2. A specialist in-depth question paper
3. A practical test
To gain the RMCI qualification you will need to achieve a pass mark of 70% in each part and an overall pass mark of 70% is required.

What Else is Required?
The steering group that set up this qualification decided that qualified inspectors should be members of recognised organisations. You will be asked for proof of which professional body or association you are a member of. The reasons for this includes a requirement to maintain Continual Professional Development (CPD), to monitor the number of inspections carried out and to ensure that all inspectors have and maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI Insurance) to carry out this work.Although PI Insurance cover is not mandatory, you are strongly advised to have it. On completion of this qualification, you will be eligible to join the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) as a Technician Member, or higher grade depending on your qualifications, should you so wish.

The Qualification
On successful completion of the RMCI qualification, you will be able to put the letters RMCI after your name. Your name will be added to the Marine Coating Inspector Register and you will receive an Identity Card valid for five years.

Record Keeping
You will be issued with an electronic record Log Book. You will be required to maintain this log book, not only as part of the Continual Professional Development required by all organisations, but also as a requirement of the qualification for re-registration after five years.

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