Course Units

Introduction to Coatings & Inspections Unit

As an experienced inspector you will have your own ideas for carrying out an inspection. It is not the intention of this unit to make you change your systems or proven methods. However, continued use of a single system will ensure that you are able to complete an inspection without missing anything. You should decide on your methodology and stick to it.

The unit on Inspecting Marine Coatings sets out to give guidance on coatings, application methods, and finishes that should be considered when carrying out an inspection. The Unit includes identifying defects, resolving difficulties, and offering advice not only to clients and boat yards but also to applicators, finishers, and all participants in the marine coating process.

Inspection Equipment Unit

This unit describes the different instruments available, including some that you may not have come across before. You should pay special attention to the instruments that you are not familiar with as they will take the longest to get to know. Some of the instruments can be quite expensive. It is advised that where some of the instruments are concerned that you contact any of the recognised suppliers direct, as there are possible hire, rental or other agreements available that will assist the Inspector on short term contracts.

The Reporting Unit

The Report Writing Unit offers inspectors the advice required to write a report that will provide the client whoever they are with the information that will allow them to make decisions based upon independent advice from the Inspector. Whilst some reports are in the form of accepted template report layouts, there are some instances where a full written report is required. It is in this area that this unit will not only give advice but also provide protection to the Inspector should the report be used in court. Remember, that as an inspector, you are required to write about what you have seen, not what you think. You are there to give your client the facts, to tell it as it is. The written report is your intellectual property and as such cannot be copied, reproduced, or used by a third party without your consent.

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