RMCI Pilot Course successfully completed

The Marine Survey Academy, the training division of the International Institute of Marine
Surveying, has completed the launch of the RMCI Course and Qualification held in
Porchester, UK from 8-12 September 2014.

Some 13 students attended the pilot course. This comprised a broad cross section of
students from shipyards, refit yards, superyacht coatings manufacturers and applicators.
Also in attendance were observers from the main stakeholders SYBASS, ICOMIA and
Paint manufacturers.

The purpose of the RMCI Pilot Course was to assess the viability of the training programme,
evaluate the training materials and to endorse the RMCI as appropriate and to a
standard fit for the superyacht industry. A resounding endorsement was given by all
participants. However, significant modifications and practical changes were suggested
by all participants that will be incorporated into the first commercial course. This will
now be held from 6 December in Amsterdam (location to be confirmed) immediately
prior to the Superyacht Conference being held in the same city.

On completion of the course a three part examination consisting of multi choice
questions, in-depth questions and a practical examination was undertaken by the Pilot
students (all considered experts in their particular field.) They will be the first to be
awarded the new RMCI qualification.

The various comments made post examination will result in accurate tailoring of the
standard required and aimed for by the industry as a whole.